What is organic traffic and what is not?

Organic traffic is simply the number of real, human visitors, who have entered a website through their search engine, because they really wanted to type on that specific URL.

Currently, this simple process has become the focus of many digital marketing strategies, which are developed in order to attract many people to a website with a high quality site and get them hooked. Let’s say that the increase in traffic goes very well in hand with SEO optimization strategies. One is complementary with the other.

However, many people confuse certain situations in the network as organic traffic and they are not. It is very important to know them in order to avoid paying for an unreliable proposal when you finally decide to buy organic traffic. Knowing well what it is you are looking for, you can request just that service and nothing else. Let’s see:

  • The traffic coming from the sponsored links, that is, from the paid ads, is not considered organic.
  • The traffic that comes from search engines through keywords is not either.

What does this mean? Simply what really characterizes organic traffic is that it represents a decision of the user to read that page and consider its content, instead of arriving at it as a result of chance. The previous examples could go well to several types of SEO strategies, but, as it is already clarified, SEO strategies and the improvement of targeted organic traffic are not the same although they are related and even complementary.

What are the advantages provided by organic trafficking?

Any tool that helps to position a website and that provides some recognition within the popular engines, is very useful. However, when talking about marketing strategies, to buy website visitors that really feel interested in your content works very well if your page is commercial.

SEO improvement strategies are very useful when talking about informative sites, and of course also commercial ones. However, the strategy of increasing organic traffic has as a direct objective the improvement of the sales of the products or services offered in that web space. How? Just by attracting to it to identified people that already show interest towards this type of products. A wonderful idea, is it not?

The best thing about this matter is that the amount of money that has to be invested is nothing compared to the amount of benefits that can be obtained. For this reason, requesting this service is excellent, as long as it is very clear what is going to be obtained at the end.

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