Life Saving Life Guard Classes

A timely help is always a life-saving moment for the people. Truly, when you save someone’s life at a perfect time, it will be a great moment for that seeker and to you too. Tackling a difficult situation is always a great deal to the people. But when you have training for tackling those critical moments, you can very well extend your hands to people who need it badly. One such training is the Life guard classes.

Who is a Life Guard?

It is a person who rescues the sports people, swimmers and surfers in the water bodies. Usually this Life guard works in a water park, swimming pool, beach, river or spa. They are exclusively trained in doing CPR and first aid needed around the water bodies. They are certified as water rescuers. They can also be seen in the emergency services and mountain rescues. They use variety of equipment’s and aids in processing their rescue work.

What are the skills can be learnt in Life guard Classes?

  • The most vital and needed training is the CPR- Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation which is resuscitation attempt on a victim through giving chest compressions and making the oxygen contained blood circulate throughout the body to the vital organs.
  • In these lifeguard classes you can learn how to use the AED- Automated Electric defibrillators, which is used in rescuing a victim by providing electric shock to the chest to maintain the proper rhythmic pulse.

  • Of all trainings, the most required one is the first aid. A life guard must know the relevant first aids in suitable situations. The life guard must be clean and wear gloves while performing the first aid. During the first aid it is also vital to life guards to protect themselves from the blood borne pathogens. Their mouth must be covered by a mask while doing the CPR.
  • One can learn about the emergency oxygen therapy which is called as Emergency Oxygen Administration to provide the victim with the enough oxygen when they suffocate.
  • There are various other rescues which are performed at the right moment to the needed people. There are rescues such as spinal rescue, passive victim rescue and active victim rescue, which are performed for different situations.
  • Also, you can learn various kinds of water entries, performed in different levels respective of the victim’s state whether they are conscious or passive or whether the place is a deep water or shallow water.

Indeed, a life guard plays a vital role in various critical situations where a vast help is not yet acquired. They can offer the necessary and immediate help for the survival of the victim. These lifeguard classes truly make the learners a better and trained person in helping and rescuing others.


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