Tips to clean your mattress

It is imperative that you maintain and clean your bed properly, as you spend a sizable part of your life in the bedroom. Mattress Austin stores take great care in maintaining the cleanliness of mattress, keeping it free of irritants and dust mites. If at all you spill anything like sauce or ink, it is good that you clean it immediately and prevent it from spreading. Cleaning a mattress isn’t a much difficult job if you know the right kind of methods to do it. Mattress Austin offers mattresses that are easy to be cleaned and maintained. You can know more about them by visiting this link.

  • Removing everything from bed:

Your bed may contain small amounts of dust and mud, however clean you try to keep your feet. Therefore before starting to clean, remove everything from mattress. Most of the people follow this method before they start cleaning. First, take the pillows and remove their covers. Then remove the bedsheets and bedspread. Fold these and place it in another room so that it doesn’t disturb you from cleaning. Start to wash the bedsheets, bedspread and linens by use the use of a washing machine. In the meantime, start to clean your Mattress. Mattress Austin provides instruction of cleaning mattress when you buy it.

  • Vacuum:

Once everything from the bed is removed, it’s now time to vacuum your mattress. There are some of the good quality vacuum cleaners and try to take a look at it later. Vacuuming your bed is very important as even small dust, termites, thin or short hairs, which are normally difficult to clean gets trapped in the cleaner. The long narrow those can be used to go through corners and edges. Mattress Austin offers mattress that can be cleaned easily with vacuum cleaner.

  • Cleaning Stains:

15ml of Liquid dish wash shop and 30ml of hydrogen peroxide should be mixed to form a rich soap lather. With the help of a rubbing substance, say toothbrush, take the lather and apply softly on over the stain affected area. Use a clean cloth to wipe out and vacuum the bed again to clear the moisture out. Mattresses in Mattress Austin are made in such a way that the stains are taken away easily.

  • Baking Soda:

Once you are done with the process of removing stains, spread some baking soda over your mattress. This helps in absorbing the bad smell from the mattress. Most of the mattress stores are known to sell these items along with the mattress. Once the baking soda is spread out on the bed, allow it settle for nearly 30 minutes. Leaving the baking soda for a longer duration of time will allow it to absorb everything completely.

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