Top 3 Dog Trackers for Dog Lovers

Pet trackers are the essential gadget that is necessary for every pet owner. Primarily for dogs trackers are quite common and in the modern age tons of dog trackers have propped up in the market. Dogs are used in performing various tasks. A hunter dog or tracking dog or a police dog. Trackers ensure the safety of dogs 24/7.

Mainly dog trackers target market of pet owners and hunters who came across problems with their dogs. This article is going to list the best features of a top notch dog tracker and also going to list top 3 dog trackers that are available in the market.

A top quality dog tracker must cover the following features:

Payment and Subscriptions: The GPS dog trackers available in the market come on the basis of subscription base that is from months to 1 year. Always look out for discount and deals during the year for best affordable quality dog tracker that is GPS powered.

A tracker that is based on radio frequency normally doesn’t have any subscription fees. Ebay and Amazon are best online sources available for buying a quality dog tracker. There are tons of blogs that update their viewers about best trackers in the market.

Compatibility of Tracker: Before purchasing the tracker always inquire about the compatibility of the tracker with desired electronic device. Some tracker operates through apps and others required special software that powered the tracker. Mostly tracker finds the dog with the help of Google maps so always ensure the internet availability.

Value Addition: More or less all trackers are similar but trackers are distinct from each other due to additional value. As a pet owner, one knows the requirement and buy tracker that full fills the custom needs. Value addition is normally emphasized on following features:

  • Water proof
  • Light weight
  • Better battery
  • GPS enabled

The top 3 dog trackers available in the market are following:

  1. Gibi: Customer doesn’t have to register with Gibi. Pet’s location can be shared with Google maps. Custom safe zones can be designed for a pet. Gibi is water proof. Customer service is also available.
  2. Petrek: Petrek is 3G enabled tracker for tracking dog activities and location. Petrek doesn’t have any subscriptions and gives best possible coverage. Tracking can bet set for different intervals.
  3. Whistle: It is one of the best GPS powered trackers in the market. The dog activities can be tracked through a smart phone. The whistle application is compatible with Android and iPhone. Whistle also sends alerts. The accuracy of whistle worth its price.

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