6 Of The Best Memes Of All Times

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word viral content?

It’s memes.

Surely that is the best thing that internet ever gave us as the everlasting chasm of entertainment.

There are memes for everything these days, from the old shows like Friends to the latest shows like Game of Thrones.

Of course, not all of them are great enough to stick by with the inflow rate of memes so high.

Although there are some that have made their ways to stay for a long time.

  1. Roll Safe

Roll safe came straight from a BBC mockumentary and has been one those that are made to be memes.

It presented itself for the service as it was made for that purpose alone and it caught up quicker than petrol catches fire because it was just that perfect.

It has given the meme players and the web community a lot to play with and to enjoy.

  1. Cash Me Outside

It’s crazy how a meme can uplift the life of the person.

This meme is a girl that quit school and made money by “cash me ousside, howhowdah?”

And now she has a $40k fee for the meet and greet and has big plans for her reality show.

All she did was do a funny thing on the TV and ended up lighting a fire on Instagram.

  1. White Guy Blinking

2017 has not been an easy year and frankly, there is no meme that describes it better than the white guy blinking meme.

When everything goes down to trash and a fresh hell is ready for you everytime you get over the last thing that happened, we all just left feeling like shocked yet not so much.

White guy blinking is an evergreen meme that is never getting old, because, well neither are the hells we bring on ourselves.

  1. One ThiccBih Meme

This is the perfect illustration of the bottom of barrel humor hitting straight to the mainstream.

There is no explaining this to anyone, ever.

The minute a word of the explanation comes out of your mouth, the point is absolutely dismissed.

So we just make our peace with the point that we are at a stage where we can only think about what Mister Krab will name is buttocks.

  1. SpongeBob

Since there is Mister Krab, how can there not be SpongeBob?

Taken from a kid’s (now more like an adult’s) cartoon show, SpongeBob has been a fountain of memes for the viral content.

The Mocking SpongeBob has given people the permission to just go ahead and insult anyone they want to.

The tone that goes with this meme is, without a doubt, sarcastic and mocking.

  1. Singing Shaq

You know the feeling when you are listening to your favorite songs and you are feeling that energy to sing along?

Well, bless whoever gave us the singing shaq meme, because it surely is the best way to show how you feel at that moment.

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