Types And Usage Of Binoculars

The binoculars were introduced to the world by Lippershey on December 9, 1608. Thus the world was introduced with an instrument which will be highly helpful in all means. Since 1608, the binoculars have seen a phenomenal advancement.

Today’s binoculars are made of aluminium coated with silicon and the lenses and prism are of glass coated with anti-reflective materials.

Types of binoculars

Nowadays binoculars are available mainly in two types:

Roof prism and Porro prism. Roof prism is a low image quality, compact and durable while porro prism is highly quality, wider coverage and cheaper.

How they work

It consists of two objective lenses situated at each end, with focus on the object and bring light at the focus of the lens and reflect it back to the focus on the eyepiece lens, thus projecting a magnified image of the object.

Understanding magnification

Normally, binoculars are denoted with 8X and 10X magnification. This denotes that you will be able to see a object 8 times or 10 times larger. If you want the magnification number, then it will be magnification*lens diameter. Suppose, 10*42. Where 42 will be lense diameter in mm.


Binoculars have a range of usages like bird watching, astronomical, hunting, observation, trekking and military.

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