Binocular- Technical Features

When one is out on a jungle safari or sitting in the open gazing at the stars or during anight hunt, one of the important things that one must carry is binocular.

If you are going to order one, then there are certain important technical features to be considered before buying them. Binoculars come with aspecification like ‘axb’ where a and b are mere numbers based on which the following features have to be noted.

Magnification:The letter ‘a’ denotes the magnification and it represents how much times larger the object will be. In other words, the object will appear ‘a’ times larger than the original size.

Aperture: The letter ‘b’ denotes the aperture value. More clear and accurate will be the object in thedark when you choose one with ahigher number.

Field Of view: It represents how closely the object can be viewed through the lens. This also depends on the value ’a’ in the specification. As the value of magnification (‘a’) increases, thecloser will be the object which means you cannot cover larger area through the lens. So, if you like to cover more area then make sure the value of ‘a’ is less.

Exit pupil: Divide the number ‘b’ by ‘a’ and the result you get is the value of exit pupil. This number must be smaller than that of your eye pupil.

Take care of the above features and buy a perfect one.

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